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Serving the Infinite Flight skies since 2018

Since 2018, Air Canada Virtual has taken to the skies with over 200 active pilots flying to and from airports across Canada, and the globe. Being Canada’s largest VA, we have a wide variety of fleet, ranks, airports/hubs, and much more to explore. Joining us allows you to fly over 1300 routes and over 160 destinations to and from Canada, whether flying domestic, trans-border to the United States or to Asia, Europe, Africa, or even the Oceanic region. We provide consistent events and hour multipliers! We’re glad to still be active in the skies throughout the past 2 years and we hope to see you aboard our virtual airline soon!

We have over 160 destinations!

The 2020 vision:



At the beginning and middle of every year, the Staff team compiles feedback and suggestions from the pilots on how we can better the VA from the following 6 months. This can range from simple tweaks to updates on the website, to new awards, and more! While changes occur year routes, we always keep a list of your feedback so we can continue to improve our VA to form around what you, the pilots, want.


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Our pilots in action!

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