We’re beyond lucky to have an extensive amount of aircraft for our pilots to fly. Pilots start off with our short haul aircraft which gives them time to get acclimated with the VA and meet some of the other pilots! Then they move up in the rankings, hour by hour, and then reach Senior Commander, the highest rank at our VA. That rank takes you into the past with the Canadian Airlines McDonnell-Douglas DC-10! Take a look around at our fleet and we hope to see you flying them soon!

Questions about our fleet and ranking system?

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Yes!  Pilots are allowed to fly every event, no matter the aircraft. Alongside this, our Routes Of The Week (ROTW) are allowed to be flown by anyone! 

You’ll notice that not all aircraft in our fleet are equipped with either the older livery, or that of the new 2017 livery. While most people are content with flying the generic livery around, we also take into consideration that some may want to show off our immensely beautiful livery around the globe. Therefore, pilots are free to use any of the following replacement aircraft on routes that use a generic livery. Please note if you do not want to you the generic livery, you must use the corresponding aircraft below.

E190 –> CRJ9
A320 –> A319 
B78M [B738] –> A321 
B788 –> B789

You rank up by logging flights on the crew center. These flight get approved by our flight manager and once you reach the next rank, you’re given the ability to fly those set of aircraft.

Not at all! If you’re a captain who wants to take a short haul in the DH8D, feel free! Once you pass a rank, you can always fly in that one again.